Stratus Law is committed to innovation, outstanding legal services, and exceptional client service.  Our attorneys have amazing academic credentials and impressive professional experience. They work with clients diligently to protect their Intellectual Property.


We use an innovative business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing  associated with traditional large law firms.  Clients pay only for highly experienced attorneys, not unnecessary overhead such as lavish office space, junior associate training, and other expenses that offer little direct value to clients. As a result, we are able to offer client sophisticated legal advice from experienced attorneys at very attractive rates. Our use of the latest technology to practice law in a low-overhead environment enables us to deliver efficient legal services to our clients.  In addition to reduced hourly rates, we offer clients a wide range of fee arrangements, including flat fees, and alternative fees.


Our attorneys have an average of twelve years of legal experience. Their depth of experience, coupled with a practical business approach, ensures that our clients receive sound legal advice.